Ombra Books

Ombra Books Presents:
   Edge Play

by Janel Garrison









Gillis Cameron is a power player in the London BDSM scene.  He is a master with the whips; and masochists line up at dungeon parties to be beaten by Gillis, always at the top of everyone's invitation list.

Gillis lives with his wife and co-dominator, Lynette, in a sexually charged household with a variety of unique submissives.  Oliver is "many girls all rolled into one" and can give anyone the best makeup tips.  Lars is a massage therpist who loves the kiss of the whip.  Macey is a stunning diminuative blonde who  serves the couple in a sexy French maid's outfit.    Dominic is a slave who moved from Rome to serve Lynette, is a chef and has fallen in love with Macey.  All together they make up a rather strange nest in fasionable Chelsea.

Carlee Kennedy is a huntress.  After the tragic suicide of her older sister, Ellie, Carlee is on a mission to understand Ellie's death and to find the man that Carlee believes is responsible for Ellie's downward spiral into the depths of despair. 

When Carlee's mission brings her to the door of the Cameron household, she may have bit off more than she can chew.  Written by a BDSM insider, Garrison takes us on a tour of the shadowy world of dungeon "play" where an unusual game of cat and mouse is unfolding.

Warning:  Contains adult themes and explicit sexual scenes.


Available at in both paperback and Kindle version.



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